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Onfido + Airside Join our webinar to learn more about the future of shareable and user-controlled identity.

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Onfido + Airside  |  Join our webinar to learn more about the future of shareable and user-controlled identity.

The future of digital identity

Verify once. Share anywhere.

Empower customers with user-controlled and secure digital identity by Onfido and Airside. Your customers will verify their identity once, store the credentials on their device, and then choose to share to instantly access services.

Transforming digital identity…

Identity verification was not built for our increasingly digital world. Customers still have to verify their identity over and over again. A user-controlled digital solution allows customers to confidently verify their identity once and share information when and where they want, without fear of misuse.

By combining Airside’s trusted and secure digital identity sharing technology with Onfido’s market-leading identity verification platform, we are making it simple to prove identity to anyone, at any time — online and offline.

...with Airside

Airside is the first company to make private, user-controlled digital identity a reality in the travel industry. Their patented digital sharing technology is trusted by the U.S. government, some of the world’s largest airlines, and is used by millions of people to save time and protect data privacy.

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Join the webinar

Defining the future of digital identity

Join Mike Tuchen (CEO, Onfido) and Adam Tsao (Founder, Airside) as they discuss the future of user-controlled and shareable digital identity. They'll be discussing how Airside is already enabling fast, private, and secure customer experiences and how digital identity that's shareable can transform trust worldwide.

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