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Drive new customer acquisition

Improve onboarding conversion rates by deploying the right verification journey for every customer. The Real Identity Platform uses AI to help you automate onboarding without compromising fraud detection or creating compliance risks.

Read our Digital by Default research to learn how you can optimize your onboarding experience.

User research

Customer insights from onboarding

We surveyed 5,000 people from across the US, UK, France, Germany, and the Netherlands to get their views on digital identity. Read the full report to understand why 7 in 10 customers have been blocked from services, and how you can improve your onboarding conversion.

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Improve customer acquisition with automated onboarding

Improve conversion rates by automating onboarding processes with the Real Identity Platform. Our end-to-end solution features award-winning document and biometric verification, data verification, fraud intelligence, and drag-and-drop orchestration.

Automated onboarding

Exceptional user experience

Convert more customers with our easy-to-use Smart Capture SDK. It’s designed to make user onboarding simple and intuitive with features like auto-capture, real-time glare and blur detection, and cross-device capabilities. Our experiences meet WCAG 2.1 AA accessibility standards so user sign-up is accessible to everybody.

Smart Capture SDK
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Automated verification

Tailored verification workflows

Trigger the right experience for every customer by tailoring verification workflows by customer risk level and geography. By aligning verifications to customer risk profiles you can automatically move higher-risk users to stepped up verification methods. And you can handle geographical variations in compliance regulations by creating different verification flows by region.

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Fast results

Powerful automation

Make customer acquisition and growth a priority by using AI-powered identity verification.  Atlas™ AI provides 95% of results in seconds, so your customers can start using your service right away.  

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Explore the Verification Suite

We help over 900 companies with customer acquisition


Increasing customer acquisition begins with easy onboarding. Identity verification is a necessary onboarding step – it’s also an important part of meeting KYC regulatory requirements and stopping fraud before it can impact your business. But, the user experience of identity verification needs to be seamless to ensure customers don’t drop off due to cumbersome processes. For example, our Smart Capture SDKs include glare and blur detection, which give real-time feedback to help users effortlessly submit high-quality captures. They also work across all platforms, so users can pick what works best for them. Learn more about creating great onboarding experiences in this blog from our UX design team.

Our Smart Capture SDKs are designed to WCAG 2.1 AA standards with support for screen-readers, font resizing, and haptic feedback. On the back-end we actively monitor and mitigate algorithmic bias – you can learn more about our approach in our white paper: Building AI without bias.

An automated onboarding process allows fast and accurate customer account setup with no human involvement, and minimal friction and wait times to the customer. Onfido Atlas, our powerful AI, gives results in seconds. Atlas is trained to detect thousands of fraud markers. Onboarding automation lowers your operational costs and increases customer acquisition.