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Driver registration

For your business, verifying that a driver's license is genuine is only step one. To effectively manage risk and remain compliant your business needs to validate specific details to ensure only safe, trustworthy, and qualified drivers get behind the wheel.

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Driver registration made simple

Adopt a highly automated and low-friction approach to driver, renter, and ride-sharer verification that stops fraud, and meets KYC and age verification compliance requirements.

Driver’s license verification

Onboard legal drivers

Ensure the applicants wishing to join your platform or rent a vehicle are authorized by the appropriate governing jurisdiction. Quickly confirm qualified users through the capture of the license type and driver classification to safeguard your business.

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License type and driver classification extraction.
Reduce friction

Deliver a best in class user experience

Deliver users a fast and efficient onboarding experience. Our Smart Capture SDKs are easy to integrate and guide users through license capture in seconds with features like automated glare and blur detection. They operate across web and mobile, capture passive fraud detection signals, and are WCAG 2.1 AA accessible.

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Global license support

Verify driving licenses globally

Verify driving licenses for drivers, renters, and ride-sharers, worldwide. We support documents from 195 countries, making it easy to expand into new geographies and onboard more valid users. We extract and autofill document data for a fast, frictionless user experience.

Supported documents
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Regulatory compliance

Successfully navigate requirements

Comply with regulations and avoid fines by ensuring users have a valid driving license. Onfido’s document verification confirms a driver’s identity, age, and license classification. It works with biometric verification to confirm the document is being presented by its rightful owner.

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Detect fraud

Protect against fraud and damage

Detect fake driver’s licenses to safeguard customers and your business. Keep illegal or fraudulent drivers off the roads, and keep them from damaging vehicles or harming brand reputation. Our Atlas™ AI detects up to 50% more document fraud than generalized approaches.

Fraud prevention
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Discover Onfido for driver registration

person verification

Document Verification

Verify driver’s licenses in seconds with low-friction, fast, and accurate document verification. Customers are guided to capture a photo of their driver’s license and we assess its authenticity, and extract the driver’s age, and license classification. Our document verification supports over 2,500 documents, so you can onboard global drivers and expand into new geographies with ease.

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Biometric Verification

Depending on your risk requirements customers take a selfie or short video, and we match their facial biometrics to the photo on the  license. Analysis is powered by our proprietary Atlas™ AI, and returns results in seconds.

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Pre-populate sign-up forms to remove user friction, ensure data integrity, and boost conversion. When users take a photo of their ID, we extract the data and seamlessly populate sign-up forms.

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Access the entire database of the American Association of Motor Vehicles Administrators’ 38 states DMV records with a single integration. Combine Onfido’s AAMVA check with Onfido’s document and biometric verification for robust fraud prevention.

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Onfido Studio

Build and manage driver registration experiences to meet customer and market requirements. Build no-code, drag-and-drop verification workflows to automate experiences based on geographic requirements and laws.

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Atlas AI

Get fair, fast, and accurate identity verification. Atlas delivers fully-automated identity verification with 95% of checks completed in under 10 seconds, and 54% improved fraud accuracy year-over-year.

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Safeguard your drivers, vehicles, and brand

Ensure customers are legal drivers, grant them access in seconds, and protect your business from fraud, fines and vehicle damage.

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