Onfido and Revolut logos

increase in customers onboarded

with 99.998% uptime since Revolut switched to Onfido

faster average results delivery

compared to Revolut's previous provider

The challenge

Throughout its rapid growth, Revolut has faced the challenge of verifying the identities of its global customers without sacrificing accessibility or slick user experience. The Revolut team needed to deliver a next-generation onboarding experience to customers, while making sure that fraudulent users were kept off of their platform.

Performing KYC checks is a regulatory requirement for digital banks like Revolut. But, to build the bank of the future, Revolut needed to go above and beyond the regulations in knowing their customers, and catch those attempting to commit identity fraud in order to create accounts.

The solution

We worked together to create an onboarding workflow that delivers the security of a face-to-face interaction within Revolut’s polished app. The resultant combined identity document and facial check is seamless for customers and allows Revolut to gain a higher degree of certainty about the identity of their users.

Onfido have really aligned with our priorities, working with us to achieve our desired delivery by rapidly responding and iterating on their offering. Direct contact between our engineering teams has fostered a mutually beneficial partnership – identifying problems early, collaborating on solutions and improving the overall integration.

Lewis Tuff, Lead Platform Engineer at Revolut

The results

Regulated in the UK, Revolut is operational in 28 different countries with plans to launch in another 16. They needed a partner that could sustain this expansion by verifying a large range of identity documents from throughout the world. In the 7 months since integration, Onfido verified Revolut users from 168 different countries, ensuring that nationality is no barrier to opening a Revolut account.

Before integration had started, the Onfido and Revolut tech teams set up a Slack channel. This is where some of the magic began to happen: Revolut’s back-end and mobile developers fired off questions and got instant responses from Onfido’s team as they integrated Onfido’s workflow.

Since migrating to Onfido, Revolut has increased the volume of checks they run by 293%. Throughout this massive growth, Onfido has sustained a 99.998% uptime and has completed checks at an average of 38 seconds faster than Revolut’s previous provider. This has allowed Revolut to increase the number of users onboarded by 12%, which translates into huge gains.

About Revolut

Revolut are a mobile-first online bank, with over 6m+ customers. They are FCA authorized and operate across the European Economic Area.