Liminal + Onfido webinar: Innovations in account opening

December 14, 2023

Liminal + Onfido webinar: Innovations in account opening

By the end of this year, it’s estimated that $2.2B will be lost to account opening fraud from synthetic identities. At the same time, AML fines are set to increase from their high of $5B issued last year.

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With over half of all users preferring to open accounts online, onboarding of verified users while rooting out fraudsters has become a primary focus. Join Liminal and Onfido as they discuss best practices for account opening: user experience, fraud prevention, and regulatory compliance.

Cameron D’Ambrosi (Senior Principal at Liminal), Minh Nguyen (Senior Director of Product at Onfido), and Alan McAlpine (Director of Product Marketing at Onfido) will discuss: 

  • The current technology landscape and the forces that shaped it
  • Liminal findings covering 32 vendors in their Account Opening in Financial Service Link(TM) Index
  • The future technologies that will transform onboarding

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The financial services sector is undergoing a transformative shift in account opening practices, necessitating robust security measures that seamlessly integrate with user experience while adhering to rigorous regulatory requirements.

Travis Jarae, founder and CEO at Liminal

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