Why choose Onfido over Veriff?

Onfido makes identity simple, enabling seamless, secure, and compliant customer acquisition globally. With Onfido, you can overcome many of the challenges facing Veriff customers today, with a smart capture experience, AI designed to prevent up to 50% more fraud, and a seamless no-code integration. 

See why The Forrester Wave™, G2, the Gartner Innovation Insight report, and KupperingerCole Market Compass place Onfido at the top of identity verification providers globally and why Frost & Sullivan awards Onfido Fraud Detection and Prevention “Company of the Year”.

3 reasons businesses choose Onfido over Veriff for IDV

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Discover Onfido’s
Real Identity Platform

Explore the full range of identity verification solutions and try Onfido’s no-code workflow builder with our interactive demo.

Comprehensive orchestration, no code required

Get your solution to market faster with flexible, no-code workflows tailored to your unique needs. Onfido Studio gives you the tools to create the ideal experience for your customers with a simple drag-and-drop approach. 

Align your verification journeys to match individual customers’ risk profiles, and clone or edit geo-specific workflows to address local and global compliance requirements such as ETSI in the EU. Try Studio workflow today - at no cost.

Veriff Orchestration

Beat fraud and convert more customers with award-winning AI

Deliver exceptional fraud analysis with the Onfido Verification Suite. Built in-house, Atlas™ AI’s unique approach combines over 10,000 micro-models to detect specific document and biometric fraud markers with pixel precision. 

Onfido Motion biometric verification delivers a best-in-class experience—it’s 100% automated and returns 95% of results in seconds. Unlike Veriff’s approach, Onfido’s biometric verification solutions are iBeta PAD Level 1 (Selfie) and Level 2 (Motion) certified.

Global coverage, local expertise

Onfido supports document verification in 195 countries worldwide, integrates with local trusted data sources, and is built to actively mitigate algorithmic bias, helping businesses to reach a global audience. Our approach is ETSI TS 119 461 certified and has achieved a high confidence profile H1A under the UK Digital Identity and Attributes Trust Framework, giving businesses confidence in their compliance.

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Acquire more customers and fight fraud with Onfido

G2 peer reviews notate that Onfido delivers a smoother, quicker, and more secure customer experience than Veriff. Guide your customers through the verification process seamlessly and discover how Onfido can help your business onboard customers quickly, safely, and securely.

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